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Midwifery Services are provided by Zion Birthing Ministries

We help mothers and their families realize the birth experience that is right for them. Taking ownership of birth choices and their birth experience is very empowering and freeing for most women. We encourage mothers to envision their perfect birth scenario, which puts women in control of their body rather than being a passive patient. Pregnancy and birth are a very sacred time in a woman’s life, and we help women experience this special time without the stresses generally associated with physician-attended births (unfamiliar people and environment, hospital schedules and policies, bright unnatural lighting, unknown tests, etc.).

At home you are able to relax into your labor. In a warm, familiar environment, you are able to give yourself the gift of space: for your body's rhythm to take its natural course, to discover strength within yourself, and, most importantly, to love your baby.

Just as each woman's dream childbirth is different, each natural home childbirth story is different. It is the role of us midwives to help each dream come true, within the parameters set by the baby's unique journey into the world. At The Wise Women’s Sanctuary we midwives see ourselves as guides, educators and birth professional dedicated to guard the safety of mother and baby.

For women with low-risk pregnancies, natural homebirth with a qualified midwife is as safe as hospital births. In fact, reducing stress and elevating comfort and joy has been shown to reduce pain and the need for unnecessary procedures, which can lead to other complications.

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