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What our families say about us

Here is what clients are saying about their experience with us.

Choosing to have a home birth was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made


Our first two sons were both healthy hospital births and were beautiful in their own way; but we both felt the births were rushed and unnecessary interventions were made. After much prayer and research we decided our third child would be born at home. Connie and Kristin were the obvious choice for us, because we felt an immediate connection and trust with both of them. They embraced our beliefs and supported our family, making sure everyone was included through out the entire pregnancy. Instead of rushing me in for pitocin at 41.5 weeks, Connie and Kristin took the time to talk with me and ensure my confidence, encouraging me that not only could I have my baby naturally, but that I WOULD have my baby naturally. Once my contractions began my labor progressed quickly. After only 4 short hours I was holding my precious baby in my arms. I truly believe my labor was so short and peaceful because I was in the comfort of my home, with the ability to move freely and be where I felt most relaxed. I also believe the copying techniques we learned in our Hypnobirthing class contributed to our birth experience. Using the words of affirmation truly gave me a connection that the surges I felt were merely my baby coming to me, and with that knowledge I was able to calmly welcome our beautiful boy into this world. The only thing as precious to me as that moment, were the moments following. My husband and I were left to bond with our baby in the privacy of our home. And my husbands favorite part, he was able to sleep in his own bed that night!!!! For the first time I truly experienced a baby moon, I was able to enjoy every moment with out interruption. The sleepless nights, we honestly never had one! I was relaxed from the beginning and able to rest in a quiet environment. From day one Jackson has been a calm, peaceful baby and when anyone ask my "trick" I quickly respond with he's a homebirth baby!


Much love,

Alaina P.


Having a natural was something that I knew I wanted, but I did not realize how beautiful and wonderful I would view my birthing experience after


The emotions I felt once my daughter was in arms was joy I have never felt before, strength I never knew I had, and pure love. I look back at the day I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and would not want anything different. I am so happy I decided to have a natural and Connie and Kristin were amazing support and always made me feel important. I am so glad that they helped through this experience and that I have such a positive birth story.  


Lindsey P.


Having Connie and Kristin by my side through my pregnancy and birth was the best decision I ever made

They were so supportive of my birth plan and my choice to have my baby at home. They allowed my body to do what it knew how to do and reminded me to breathe all at the right times. I am blessed to have had them by my side and a part of my birth team. 


Tamsynn S.


My Experiences with Midwives Connie and Kristin

I just can’t say enough good things about Connie and Kristin and the midwifery services they provide. Both of my sons were born at home under their watchful yet unobtrusive care and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


The quality of care I received from both Connie and Kristin was exceptional from the first prenatal visit to the last post-partum visit. I always left my hour-long visits with them feeling empowered, positive and very confident in my decision to have them attend my births. I was always treated respectfully and kindly and never felt like just a number- it was like going to visit good friends when I had my prenatal visits. All of my wishes, ideas, fears, plans, and questions were always addressed when I had my visits; and if something was forgotten, I had access to them by phone 24/7 if needed. This genuine and mindful care extended to the care of my newborns and to us as a “motherbaby” unit after birth.


Thanks to midwifery care, I was able to be very involved in the hands-on birthing of my two sons which is just what I wanted and I was able to spend the first precious hours of both of my son’s lives bonding with them on MY time- not on the schedule of indifferent medical personnel bent on collecting clinical data. I was not rushed or bothered by anyone during those critical first hours of life and for that I am deeply grateful.


I also have to comment on the extraordinary quality of post-partum care and education. My babies were encouraged to start breastfeeding within minutes of birth which was awesome. I was also educated extensively on what to expect physically and emotionally in the post-partum phase. They came to visit 2 days and 4 days post-partum and, of course, were available by phone if I had any problems. I think the post-partum period often gets overlooked because everyone is so focused on pregnancy and birth but it truly is a critical time and I felt like Connie and Kristin really understood that and were there for us as we figured things out.


These two women truly are the embodiment of what midwives have traditionally been for women across the ages: the guardians of the normal, natural birth process!      


Thank you Connie and Kristin!!


 Jocelyn, Salvador, Noe and Gabriel


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